January 26th, 2007 by Sharky

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G’day folks.

Quick update…

I’ve been working hard to get Part 2 in a state ready to publish.  While I’ve got a working solution in my game It’s been painfully hard to write a tutorial showing snippets. So I’ve had to bite the bullet and make a working sample to share.

That has been worthwhile though. In the process I’ve cleaned up a lot of ugly code, or stuff related to “Air Legends” current architecture, that just complicates things.

It has also highlighted some problems that I’ve fixed.  There is one remaining problem – some models seem to behave differently. Something to do with their BoneTransforms I believe.  I’ve found a simple, but less than ideal solution (aka. a dodgy hack), but IT WORKS reliably!!

I think I’ll post the working sample code in the next couple of days.  (Maybe someone can point out solutions to the dodgy hack)

I’ll follow that up with Part 2 of the tutorial to actually explain it all.

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  1. Ultrahead Says:

    Take your time, man! No preassure, no rush …

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