April 16th, 2007 by Sharky

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Soul food

I recently revived another old hobby.  Surfing – the waves, that is. Actually Bodyboarding to be specific (which is why my gaming name is SharkBiscuit).

Anyway, this weekend the surf was absolutely pumping here in Wellington, New Zealand.  I went out both days and I’m stoked, and still buzzing.  Soul food.

A funny thing happened on the Saturday session.  I paddled out, caught one great wave, and the waves inexplicably stopped coming.  Must have been a good 20-30 minute wait before any worthy sets came through again.  During that time I got chatting with another surfer.  Inevitably, we discussed the option of paddling in closer to shore for some smaller waves.  Of course, we both realised that as soon as one of us did, a big set would roll in and we’d regret it.  Murphy’s Law/Sod’s law, whatever you call it.  Still, it got to the point where with nothing to surf I started getting pretty cold. I said to the guy, “You know, I’m gonna paddle in for some small dribbly surf, so that you guys don’t have to (because the big sets would surely start rolling in then) I’ll take the hit for the team. Y’know, for the greater good ‘n all”. yada yada yada.

So I did, and sure enough the big sets started rolling in again, and everybody was happy.  No regrets - I needed the exercise anyway.

It got me thinking though…

Here am I holding off on releasing my most exciting ”Air Legends” release yet.  Preferring to wait for Microsoft to release their latest and greatest XNA framework first.

So I’ve decided I’m going to invoke “Sods Law” once again, and take the hit for the team.  I’ll release early after all.  If the XNA release comes shortly afterwards then so be it.  You’ll all be able to thank me!


Get my best release ever… here.

(I’ll release an XNA v.next version just as soon as it comes out and I’ve done any conversions.)

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