October 21st, 2008 by Sharky

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With the Dream Build Play entry complete and the results due any day, I thought I’d look at adding a couple more flyable Aircraft choices.
After all, the XNA 3.0 & the Community Games marketplace is coming soon, so might as well be ready for that.

There are more important things I should probably focus on (like getting ready for trial mode), but the temptation to add more planes was too much. Especially when I spotted a 3D World Magazine full of tutorials on how to model vehicles.

In particular there’s a great tutorial on modeling a Hawker Tempest Mk V. BRILLIANT! I’ve always fancied having one of those in “Air Legends” so I had a crack at it.

Here’s a peak at my progress so far…

The realistic version (following the real “blueprints”)

Hawker Tempest Mk.V

And voila, the “stubby” version for “Air Legends”

Air Legends Hawker Tempest Mk.V

After my previous hack ‘n slash efforts at 3D modeling it was nice to finally learn some of the right ways of doing things, terminology etc…
I also broke with tradition a little. Instead of making up “stubby” version blueprints (front/side/top images) and modeling from there, I modeled off the real blueprints and stubbified it direct in 3D. I reckon it was definitely easier and the end result is certainly a more accurate representation of the real plane.

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  1. James Newton-King Says:

    Looks great!

  2. Sharky Says:

    Thanks James.

    Jeesh, you’re quick of the mark. I was still correcting all my typos when you left your comment!

  3. David Weller Says:

    Nice work, Sharkster! You’ve come a LOOOOOOONG way since you first version. It’s great to see you’re still chipping away at it!

  4. Sharky Says:

    Thanks Dave!

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