February 19th, 2009 by Sharky

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The Windows version of “Air Legends” is now available over here. Comes in two flavours: Demo (free) & Full game (for donations).

  • functionaly the same as the Xbox 360 version, but with basic Keyboard support for those without 360 Controllers.
  • Xbox 360 Controllers are highly recommended however. The way it’s meant to be played
  • Contains historically accurate insignia on the german aircraft. (this had to be nerfed for the Xbox 360 Version)

You may be familiar with my previously released work-in-progress builds of Air Legends. If so I recommend you try this new version. You’ll find it a considerably more featured and polished version to any you’ve tried before.

Go grab it

Enjoy! :)

Average Rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 257 user reviews.

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  1. Zenfar Says:

    Cool, why did the German insignia have to be nerfed for the XBox version? Is it for sale in Germany? Why can Call of Duty and other WWII games do this and not you? I think this is unfair, especially considering it is a historical game, it seems morally wrong to alter history even in games (expect alternate reality of course).

    Good luck, I hope you have a major hit on your hands!

  2. Chris Says:

    Way to go, Sharky. Great to see you leveraging multiple channels for your game.

    Have you looked into Windows distribution channels other than your own website? I’d be very interested to know whether distribution channels such as Steam or Stardock would consider hosting a well polished XNA game like yours. Judging from the author’s correspondence on his blog, Valve didn’t seem interested in XBLA game Braid until it became a hit.

  3. Sharky Says:

    Thanks Zenfar, and Chris.

    With regards to the nazi insignia, I’m not sure what Call of Duty did, but I do remember Battlefield 1942 had some other symbols instead of swastikas. I remember a Mod came out that corrected all the textures to be more historically correct.

    Chris, I haven’t looked into other channels for the windows version distribution. Just haven’t had time to be honest. If you find out, please do let me know!


  4. Jeff Says:

    Looking awesome man! Whens the new website coming? Any new games cooking in the Sharky control centre? :)

  5. Sharky Says:

    Chur bro!

    Well I have the http://bionicshark.com/ domain, but no website yet.

    Some things I want to update on the game. Really easy things, that’ll help people “get” it better.

    Trouble is I sit down in front of the computer and get writers block, or is that coders block? Or perhaps cant-be-arsed block.

    A few ideas for new games too – but the same problem. ;)

    Looking forward to your game dude. Bring it on!

  6. Chris Says:

    How about a Combat (Atari 2600) skin? :)

  7. Sharky Says:

    LOL. Funny you should mention that though.

    I’ve got a modernized retro visual style in my head that I’d quite like to experiment with – for a different game.

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