October 2nd, 2006 by Sharky

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That’s right, all done. WHOOHOO!!!

What this really means is that I’ve caught up to where I was before XNA came on the scene.  Managed DirectX is a distant memory, but a useful stepping stone nevertheless. 

Far from a complete game, but a playable concept to build on and up!

I’m very happy with the end result. 

  • The code is much more maintainable than before. 
  • So maintainable in fact, that it was relatively simple to throw in the option of the ”Dusk” sky & mood lighting I mentioned earlier.
  • And while subtle, I can tell the graphics look a whole lot nicer too! 

I have not updated the screenshots & build for the XNA version yet.  But stay tuned.

p.s.  JD, I sped up the bullets too!  ;)

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