New XNA game build & screenshots – you can blow stuff up now!!!

October 16th, 2006 by Sharky

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I’ve uploaded a new build over at the Latest Build page.

New stuff?

  • Shooting actually damages things!!!
  • Plane collisions = certain death.
  • Keyboad controls changed to be more intuitive.
  • MultiSampling (aka. Antialiasing) now optional via configuration.

More info on the Latest Build page.

There are no explosions yet, but head on over and give the new build a try!  :)

I’d really appreciate some feedback, particularly around the keyboard controls.  I mostly use the XBOX 360 controller anyway, and I’m a bit close to the keyboard problem(?) to have a realistic opinion myself.

I have also updated the Latest Screenshots page, so check out the goodness!

Title screen and menu


11 Responses to “New XNA game build & screenshots – you can blow stuff up now!!!”

  1. Zygote Says:

    holy shit this looks hot!

  2. Sharky Says:

    aw shucks – thanks!


  3. Derek Says:

    I tried it out and immediately thought of Time Pilot, but with nicer graphics. Are you using a 3D model or is that prerendered?

    Also the game runs slowly on my system – it looks like it’s hitting about 10-15 fps. Admittedly, the machine I’m using has a crap video card but considering the low complexity of the scene, it seems it should run faster.

  4. Derek Says:

    Ah, I poked around in your config file and saw the multisampling option. Things run much more smoothly with multisampling off. And that’s obviously a 3D model.

  5. Sharky Says:

    Yeah that’s right. Time pilot was the original inspiration – years and years ago when I became a geek programmer. ;)

    My point of difference is that I intend to put in a ground, rather than an infinite sky like there was in Time Pilot. The idea being that you would have to land occasionally to refuel / restock with ammo every now and then. Plus I plan to add levels featuring Air-to-Ground bombing missions.

  6. Derek Says:

    I played Time Pilot like a maniac when I had it on Colecovision, but the semi-updated graphics on the Xbox Live version didn’t do much for me.

    I’m sure there are plenty of other people out there who’d be interested in seeing your progress. Why not post it up on my site ( and get some more exposure? You could post a link back to this site in your project description as well, hopefully netting yourself some new admirers.

    Regardless, I’ll pop back in every once in a while to see how the game is progressing.

  7. BlackICE Says:

    Thanks for the Multisampling option!

    Unfortunatly I’m still getting an error, I suppose thats because its starting with multisampling on. :(

  8. Sharky Says:

    DANG! I wonder what’s up with that BlackICE?

    Are you’re sure it’s the Multisampling?

  9. BlackICE Says:

    Well the errors I get are not very informative, so im not entirely sure. Im just wondering do you have it defaulted to start with multisampling, then as it starts the graphics device, my computer has a fit, before it gets a chance to turn it off.

    Thankfully Microsoft are MEANT to be fixing this issue for the full XNA release!

  10. John Vols Says:

    Just seen the aviation game the first time. Good work ppl and keep it up! Is this a free download? or I can buy this game from this site?


  11. Sharky Says:

    Thanks John.
    There is a free download of a VERY old build available on the blog.

    The Xbox 360 version is published as of today.

    So now I’ll be able to focus on tweaking the Windows version and putting up a free Demo on the blog. At this stage I’m expecting to put up the full Windows version for those that donate.

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