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Monday, July 28th, 2008

I was just checking out the Colosseum game’s website and saw their link to what seems to be a new montage!

I’m truly stoked to see Air Legends rubbing shoulders with some very impressive titles. Very very cool games from all over the world  featuring:

  • JellyCar: USA
  • GomZ: South Korea
  • Air Legends: NEW ZEALAND, oh yeah!
  • Future Flow: Belgium
  • Colosseum: Sweden
  • City Rain: Brazil
  • Megachile Pluto: Sweden
  • Sumo: USA

This is the only recent gameplay video of Air Legends out there that I’m aware of.  If it’s been a while, do check it out.  It’s sure come a long way since the first montage.


I’d also like to add that’s 1-nil to New Zealand. No Aussie XNA games in sight!  ;)

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Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Howdy folks.

It’s winter here in New Zealand, and this house is C-C-C-COLD.  Has really slowed my gamedev progress lately, but I’ve managed to extract myself away from the heater enough to get this release out – at last!

Here’s what’s new…

  • improved particle effect performance & visuals.
  • New “Air Showâ€? mode (selectable from the Lobby) lets you free fly solo or coop with no enemies, and Skywriting smoke instead of bullets.
  • incorporated XBOX Live player names (Xbox 360 only at present). Login using the 360 controller’s Guide button.
  • Control changes. B button no longer does Skywriting.  Skywriting can only be done from the new “Air Showâ€? mode, and uses the shoot button in place of bullets.
  • D-Pad (up/down) now navigates menus.
  • Discovered and fixed a bug that left aircraft sounds muted after leaving the Pause screen. (happened when hitting B instead of selecting Resume)

I’ve just resubmitted the XBOX 360 version for review on the Creators Club site. Much appreciated if you get in and peer review it. Thanks.  Be gentle.  ;)

Alternately both the Windows & XBOX 360 version are available on my Latest Build page here.



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