Firstly, let me say this page wouldn’t be necessary if I knew more about DirectX, XNA etc… I’m just a beginner, so the page will almost certainly be useful.

Software & Hardware

Firstly, ensure that you have followed the instructions on the Latest Build page.  This explains the software you will need, and where to get it.  It also talks about the minimum hardware required.

Known problems and work arounds

Besides that, check the following…

  • Ensure you’re Hardware Acceleration is set to FULL. Right Click the Desktop > Properties > Settings Tab > Advanced > Troubleshooting tab
  • could run dxdiag and do the Direct3D tests.

If it still doesn’t work it might mean your hardware isn’t up to scratch for the way I’ve coded the thing.

In which case you could try hacking the “settings.xml” file until it works. Open the file in Notepad, and change the AllowMultiSampling setting to false. Save it, and try running the game again.


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