Game development became an obsession of mine back when I was about 13, during the whole Home Computer craze of the 80’s.

It all started when I got my first hands-on go of a ZX-81. I was absolutely amazed that you could press a key, and like magic it’d display on the screen! Incredible… Anyway, for me the possibilities seemed endless, and I was hooked from then.

(the obsession with Sharks dissapeared over night)


SpectraVideo SV-318 Ad

So I learnt to program Basic from books, a year or two before I even had my own computer. When I finally got my first (a shiny new SpectraVideo SV-318 with the red joystick for cursor control!)

I found it all came naturally and I had a sprite bouncing around the screen in the first night of coding.

Over that time I created many, many games – most unoriginal, and none that actually got completed. I’d always get things working & looking nice, and then I’d try and add some AI, or colision detection. At which point the performance would go to heck!


*no time to finish this now, so I will continue the history lesson later…*

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  1. Lance Says:

    That sounds similar to me, only for me it was the Commodore 64! I loved that computer until about 1988, when I upgraded to an Amiga 500, that I still have, then later to a PC because of my job. I been a programing hobbiest sense then. Playing with VB, then VB.NET, tried DarkBasic.NET GDK for VB.NET, but it was buggy, and performed not so well. Sure it was only $30, but it then did not work right on newer OSes like Vista and W7. So I could see lots of issues of making games using it. Then I found out about XNA and was I excited! I started my first game this week, a 2D arcade game I thought up.
    Well, just wanted to share, take care.

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