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Monday, December 29th, 2008

Thanks to all those that took the time to peer-review it.

Great to pass, however at the last moment I noticed a reason why it perhaps shouldn’t have passed. I’ve fixed and resubmitted, so I’d be mighty appreciative if the creators club members get out and review again thanks.

I realised my game could offend in some countries due to the German planes having Nazi Swastika’s on the tails. In germany in particular Nazi symbols are prohibited. Though my game was historically correct, I figured it was better to play safe and fix. It is actually one of the Creators club criteria for failing a game’s peer review, so I’m surprised nobody pointed it out.

I’ve replaced the Swastika with an Iron Cross instead.


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Saturday, December 27th, 2008

While I’m in a posting frenzy, here’s my new brand…

Bionic Shark Studios

Matching website to come… when I can be arsed…

p.s. hard job coming up with a (hopefully) quirky company name. Bit of a random choice in the end, but I enjoyed this site for stiring up some whacky ideas…

Band Name Maker

Good sense prevailed, and I didn’t go with “Conundrum of the Blunt Carrot”.

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Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Hi all.

I’m glad to say I’ve finally submitted Air Legends for peer review for inclusion in the Xbox 360 Community Games marketplace.

Box art

It’s surprising just how long all the little finishing tasks take just to get a game submitted. I’ve just spent the best part of a day doing really unsatisfying stuff…

  • Rewording the game description
  • retouching the game thumbnail
  • making a Box art image.
  • getting decent screenshots
  • last minute balance tweaks.
  • filling in the submission form blanks & uploading the thing.

It’s all worth it now though. Fingers crossed it makes it through Peer-review smoothly. If you are a Creators Club member, please do head over and peer review it (loads of new goodies you won’t have seen before). Thanks in advance!

Final change list…

  • increased the size of the combat zone. You can fly a lot higher/lower now.
  • added Hawker Tempest aircraft for allied team.
  • added Focke-Wulf FW 190 aircraft for axis team.
  • added adaptive difficulty. The better you do – the harder the computer planes become.
  • added distinct Skywriting trail colors for each plane in Air Show mode.
  • added trial/demo mode limits and buy/unlock screen.
  • added “Bionic Shark Studios” branding screen.
  • a bunch of essential refactoring.

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Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Prayers answered – the Softimage|XSI Mod Tool has now been updated with a commercial-use license, the condition being that you must have a Premium Creators Club Membership. FANTASTIC!

Check out the announcement here.

So there’s a new version to download called Mod Tool Pro. I’ve not seen any word on what the differences may be. Looking forward to installing and taking it for a spin.

Also, with regards to my previous post, it seems I may have a slight case of premature celebration. Word on the street is that while New Zealand, Australia & Singapore will at last be open for publishing games – this does not necessarily mean consumers in those countries will see the new marketplace on December 15th.

Still, exciting news for me personally as a “creator”, but it seems the wait for consumers will continue.

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