December 29th, 2008 by Sharky

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Thanks to all those that took the time to peer-review it.

Great to pass, however at the last moment I noticed a reason why it perhaps shouldn’t have passed. I’ve fixed and resubmitted, so I’d be mighty appreciative if the creators club members get out and review again thanks.

I realised my game could offend in some countries due to the German planes having Nazi Swastika’s on the tails. In germany in particular Nazi symbols are prohibited. Though my game was historically correct, I figured it was better to play safe and fix. It is actually one of the Creators club criteria for failing a game’s peer review, so I’m surprised nobody pointed it out.

I’ve replaced the Swastika with an Iron Cross instead.


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  1. DFA2006 Says:

    Not sure why that would have been a problem. To me it was the they symbol that kills people. It was the leaders and the people that followed the leaders that kill people. They symbol is just a symbol and that is that. Oh well. I would have played it either way, but I do like the look.

  2. Lance Says:

    What amuses me is that the Nazi Swastika does not even belong to them. They stole it from another culture, and ruined it. It use to stand for long life and good luck! This idiocy is annoying.
    He only mirrored the original symbol and made a few small changes.
    Just a thought on ignorance. How people are offended by there own ignorance.

  3. Lance Says:

    Sorry for the update, just found another link you may want to read.

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