Contrary to popular belief my real name is not in fact Sharky.

Nor is it Horace, SharkBiscuit, Clarence, and a swag of less polite names.

No, the real name is far less exciting. My name is Lawrence and I am a geek – when it suits me at least. These days that doesn’t seem to be such an *uncool* thing, so I suppose it’s safe to start a blog now.

I guess you’re wondering where the “Sharky” thing came from?

Well, as a young fella I developed an obsession with Sharks. Drawing them, reading about them etc…

On reaching my teens I got swept away with the whole 80’s Home Computer thing, and fast replaced my shark obsession with a programming games obsession. Then came the steady decline into geekdom, and it’s been with me ever since. Not to mention a career in I.T. (not doing game development though)

So that’s about it really. Seems a shame to ditch sharks though, so I’ll keep that as a backup.

Anyway, back to the blog. I’m not really sure where this blog will go, but for now it’s really just a dairy of my progress on the ol’ Game Development obsession that I resurrected as a hobby recently.

Before the blog, I had been routinely emailing friends & family to show off my progress. But the diversity & number of people has grown to be a bit unmanageble. So I figure with a blog I will be able to consolodate things a bit. It’s not quite so personal I’m afraid, but at least I shouldn’t be spamming so many people.

By the way, I still REALLY want and appreciate all the feedback & words of encouragement, so please feel free to continue via the blog comments, email etc…

:o )

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  1. Derek Nedelman Says:

    Hi Lawrence. Looks like you’ve been making some nice progress with the game. Keep it up! I added your RSS feed some time ago to my site’s news page so that others can track your progress.

    By the way, my site used to be called ThreeSixBox but I renamed it a few days ago to the new and improved GameProjects. I was hoping you could update your link to my site to reflect the new name.


  2. nih Says:

    Hi! Nice to see another kiwi doing XNA. I’m still learning but I’m finding your posts immensely helpful! Keep it up!

  3. Sharky Says:

    Awesome! Great to see another kiwi in the mix.

    I really like your site. Nice work.

  4. John Brathwaite Says:

    Hey Lawrence, have you still got your Spectravideo? That’s a while back I know!


  5. Sharky Says:

    Hey John!!!

    Looooooong time no see! Great hearing from you.

    No, I dumped the SpectraVideo when I moved house once. One of those regrettable ruthless clean outs. :(

    Such a shame aye – lots of sentimental value there.

    I still remember the time we set about making our own “Bombjack” clone! How old were we? Maybe 17? AWESOME!

    Hey, expect an email from me soon.

  6. Steven Linton Says:

    Hey there,

    Really impressed with you XNA game. Just wondering what part of NZ you are in?


  7. Sharky Says:

    Hey thanks Steven.

    I’m in Wellington.

  8. Lance Says:

    Sad to hear you had to get rid of that, what may be a collectible computer from the 80s now. I never even heard of it. You could have donated it to one of those 80s computer places. I still have my Amiga 500! :D My Commodore 64 stopped functioning, so I got rid of it. The SID died. Long live Amiga! Great work on your part, I hope my endeavor does not take so long. Good luck to you!

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