April 7th, 2010 by Sharky

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Air Legends had mono sound, so any hint of where the enemy was coming from was suggested by skewing the camera slightly. I’m also a fan of games with minimal HUD. Where more natural cues suggest how damaged you are, where the enemy is. (the Peter Jackson’s King Kong game is a good example of this)

Many asked for a Radar, or Mini-map. A great idea – but I really wanted see if the minimal HUD thing could really work, and stick to situational awareness appropriate for pilots in WWII. Back then radar helped dispatch squads in the general vicinity of the enemy, but once in the air the pilots were largely on their own.

Game #2 will be similar, but with 3D audio which will help immensely, but…

  • your enemies will attack in waves – lethal, more types of waves to come
  • …so, I’ve added a Threat indicator for approximate direction to the target, but not too precise to ruin the challenge – DONE, applying polish!!!

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