December 6th, 2006 by Sharky

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was bored…

So I got bored of completing the “skywriting” (for my kids) feature mentioned earlier.  Bit of a tangent really.  It’s kind of there.  Call me lazy - call me bad daddy, but dedicating a new game mode + menu to it just wasn’t thrilling enough for me right now. (besides, the kids somehow broke one of my 360 controllers, and my son chewed the thumbstick on the remaining working one. grrrrrrr)  Also the fancy new “3D” rendered menu I was working on was a bit more difficult than I’d hoped. ”Skywriting” will still be in the next release, but remains blended with the rest of the gameplay.  Just a differen’t button press to pump out the coloured smoke – if you feel so inclined.


now excited…

Now, what I am enjoying is adding EXPLOSION/Fireball effects!!!!  That will be in the next release in some form or other.

I started off doing a particle system for an explosion, and what eventuated was an awesome effect of the plane engulfed in flames.  I’m extremely happy with it, so if that isn’t motivation then I don’t know what is.

Think I might use the effect shortly before an explosion.  Right now I’m thinking the explosion will be the same effect, but tweaked for more impact, maybe some spinning shrappnel (to replace the plane model)

Might post a screenshot soonish – stay tuned folks.


p.s.  oh, and it’s official, unfortunately Santa isn’t going to be bringing me an XBOX 360 for Christmas this year.  Which means ”Air Legends” will stay PC only for a bit longer than I’d hoped.   :(

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