February 25th, 2007 by Sharky

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Greetings earthlings. 

I’ve just this minute uploaded a new build of “Air Legends”. It’s late, so I won’t blab on about it right now.

Cutting right to the chase, here’s what’s new…

  • Added original music. Created by a great buddy of mine, Martin “NadNailer? Kay.
  • Collision detection is now optimized for better performance. As promised in my previous post.
  • The Screenshot feature is now fixed. Use the PrintScrn key & Controller “Y? button to save a screenshot (in both Jpg & Bmp formats). The files get put in a “ScreenShots” subdirectory of where you installed the game.
  • And last but not least, this is the first release using my new Installer. I built it using Microsoft’s Windows Installer XML (aka. “WiX”). See what the wikipedia has to say about it.

Go grab this new release from the Latest Builds page here.

Your feedback is always welcome – via the usual channels.
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  1. Pekka Kujansuu Says:

    When’s the XBox 360 version coming out? The game looks cool, but my PC can’t handle it. (yeah, it’s a bit outdated even for a laptop)

  2. Ultrahead Says:

    Nice update!

  3. Sharky Says:

    Thanks guys.

    I’d love to do an XBOX 360 version. If I had one I’d do it right now, but santa hasn’t brought me one yet.

    I’m not in a particular rush to do it yet – at least, not until you can share games as binaries to non-Creators Club members.

  4. XNAtutorial.com » Weekly Update - Chronological Order Today Says:

    [...] Lawrence updated his 3D Collision Detection source code and tutorials, especially focusing on proximity tests. He updated Sharky’s Air Legends in the process. (tutorial) (Sharky) [...]

  5. Nathan Says:

    Looking great dude. Installer makes it really easy. Could you add a dependency checks into the MSI for the appropriate frameworks to be installed before you can install your game. Might make Joe Bloggs install a little easier.

  6. Sharky Says:

    Thanks Nate. Yeah, dependency checks are on the list.


  7. John-Daniel Trask Says:

    Also, use one click deployment so people can get an update should you release it without always checking the site :)

    I know it’s not ideal for pulling people back but you should expect a certain % aren’t that into XNA but just stumbled across a free home brew game that’s shaping up to be cool and might not return to check on it :)

    Push the wife for a 360 man, she’ll get to game on it too and she likes games :)

    – JD

  8. Sharky Says:


    Yeah, I hear ya JD. Though, I’m not too keen on the one click deployment idea for XNA games just yet. XNA doesn’t currently support compressed Audio, so as I add more music or sounds the download will grow bloated.

    I’ll look at it when MP3 music is supported though.

    Didn’t you know? My wife IS Santa. Which means, not before Christmas, and probably not then either.

  9. MadMojo Says:

    I like how this title is looking, Sharky. =) Latest build works fine on Vista for me, by the way. Look forward to seeing this title evolve.

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