January 12th, 2008 by Sharky

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One word – Busy… busy, busy, busy. Ok, so I cheated on the word count, but that’s how life’s been lately.  So much has happened since my last post. In work, play & personal life.  I’ll cut to the chase though.  Here’s my latest and greatest release of “Air Legends”.  You can download it from here.


Sharky's Air Legends - find the enemy
Sharky's Air Legends - New version,  new view

There are major changes in the version. 

  • Firstly it’s all converted to XNA 2.0 now, so you’ll need the XNA 2.0 runtime installed (or XNA Game Studio 2.0).
  • Added basic Scoring, and stats.  Currently shows Score + accuracy for each player/cpu.
  • Added a change View feature (to help you find the enemy). This changes to a view that focuses on you, but keeps
      the other player in view.
  • Gave the aircraft different performance characteristics.  The Spitfire has a slightly better rate of turn
      but the BF109 is a little faster. It’s subtle, but should add to the variety.
  • Added an Uninstall shortcut to the Start menu folder.
  • Fixed cloud culling, so clouds no longer instantly vanish while still in view (as they were prone to do before).
  • Improved cloud, smoke and explosion rendering to use proper Billboard styles (always facing the camera).


Go grab the new version from the Latest Build page here.  As always, it’s free!


In for the kill
Head-on pass
12 o'clock high

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  1. Pete Says:

    Welcome back, man!

  2. Sharky Says:

    Thanks man.

    Hey well done on the your Article by the way. A very good read.

  3. Pete Says:

    Thanks :)

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