April 28th, 2008 by Sharky

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No more “preview builds”, this is the real deal folks.  I’ve just uploaded the new release here.

In my best tacky movie trailer voice I say “If you see one “Sharky’s Air Legends” this year – SEE THIS ONE!”.

I’m stoked to release what I consider a complete game. By complete I mean, it is less a sandbox experience, more a gaming experience.  The gameplay now has purpose & tension with scoring implemented and a game over screen showing player stats. Rest assured I will continue to enhance air legends adding better and better features etc…  I also can’t wait to bring it to the living rooms of XBOX 360 owners across the world, when Microsoft open the home-brew games floodgates to 10 million XBOX Live users.


Sharky's Air Legends - more mayhem

There is a huge number of changes in this version (some of which you’ll have seen in my recent “preview” builds).  Barely a piece of code went untouched/unoptimized.

  • Stability improved! solved all XBOX 360 crashes, so hopefully helps those that experienced Windows crashes. None of which I’ve been able to repro.
  • HUGE improvements to the AI aircraft
  • can choose team size for a much larger battle. Up to 5 vs 5. (Allies vs Axis)
  • choice of game play between Battle & co-op. Co-op ensures players fly the aircraft of the same team
  • Smarter camera keeps closest enemy in view, or if too far away looks in that general direction
  • New “Look around” control, lets you override the smart camera for a period of time
  • now team based scoring. +1 points for bullet hit on an enemy. -1 points for bullet hit on a friendly
  • selectable Score Limit + game over screen with player stats
  • Smoke is thicker/darker the more you are damaged
  • your aircraft doesn’t leave the screen view so often. Not perfect, but good enough for now
  • Now cross-platform with an XBOX 360 build available too
  • memory usage optimizations
  • refactored particle systems for less memory & better performance
  • Special Maneuver can now be performed with either the “Left Shoulder” button or “Left Trigger” on XBOX 360 controllers


Go grab the new Windows & XBOX 360 version from the Latest Build page here.


chaotic splitscreen
Lobby: Battle mode
Lobby: Co-op mode
Team result and player stats

One last thing…

Don’t forget to help me win a Nintendo Wii!

:o )


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  1. Pete Says:

    Nice. One recommendation: create a video trailer/demo and upload it to zigyware, youtube, an so on.

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