September 13th, 2006 by Sharky

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My wife has been having issues with a Ventrilo (VoIP) server she uses while gaming with her buddies.  As you can imagine the whole space time continuum is in jeopardy here. ;)

It’s based in Australia, but the performance was always fine until a few weeks ago. It used to ping around 200 ms, but now it’s more like 5000 ms+ and totally unusable.

We have reasons to believe it is only affecting people using “ihug” as their ISP.  After weeks of silence IHUG are now claiming they’ve done all they can.  I don’t know enough about this stuff, so before we go switching ISP’s I’d like to see how the other ISP’s fare with this server. I’m wondering if perhaps it’s not only ihug, but all the ISP’s that rebrand Telecom’s wholesale ADSL deal.

All I need you to do is this.  From your home connection, at the Command Prompt:

  • ping
  • tracert
  • copy & paste the results to me as a blog comment, along with your ISP name, type (adsl/cable/wireless) & City. 

Thanks in advance.

p.s.  I have actually been really happy with ihug’s features, price & service to date.  But this one thing is a bit of a killer if the grass is greener elsewhere. 

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  1. Debz Says:

    same problems here…. but connecting to a server in dallas texas… normal ping of 230ish now anything from that to 30thou…. done alot of research found a alot of others with same problem…. my vent server has just changed codecs but still pinging big…

    drop me an email if you like….

  2. Sharky Says:

    Cheers for that.

    I’m wondering if the traffic is being shaped at certain servers (because it’s VoIP etc…). Someone suggested I check if Vent supports Encryption. If so, it could work around any shapping.

    Anyway, our problems have actually gone away (not resolved), because my Wife’s GuildWars buddies found another Vent server to use for low $$$.

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