September 15th, 2006 by Sharky

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I mentioned earlier that the new XNA framework requires you to do things with Shaders, where before you didn’t have to.

This is all good, but yet another new thing to learn.

So I’ve been googling quite a lot lately. I can’t believe what a struggle it has been to find a decent beginner level tutorial out there!!!

Last night, I think I may have finally stumbled on a couple. I’ll look into them in the weekend, but they did at least start like a tutorial for beginners like me.

They are not XNA specific, but I don’t think that should matter. HLSL is not new, and it is a DirectX language – not C#.

One of them appears to be an excerpt from a book, and I don’t know how old or how relevant it is to DirectX 9’s HLSL.

Here are the links, on the off chance they prove useful…

There is also this one, but I find it goes too deep too quickly…

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  1. riemer Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m writing my HLSL tutorial to be a starting point for the absolute HLSL beginner, if you have any additional ideas I should add, let me know!


  2. Sharky Says:

    Hey thanks for that.

    I’ll certainly be in touch.


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