October 31st, 2006 by Sharky

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Once again, I’ve stumbled on some cool HLSL (High Level Shader Language), but haven’t had time to seriously read it!!!

Rather than bookmarking it selfishly, I’ll continue my trend of blogging about it.  Fire and forget blogging – ROCK ON!!!

So here we go…

“XNA – Parallax Mapping” tutorial

Over at Ziggyware I found an XNA based tutorial for a Parallax Mapping Shader.  Advanced stuff by my reckoning!

Check out the “XNA – Parallax Mapping” tutorial here

“Human Skin shader” sample

I can’t remember how, but I also stumbled on what looks like some seriously hard-core shader action at “J.I. Styles | Online portfolio”.  It’s not XNA specific, but the HLSL (*.fx) file is there to download.  The sample is an awesome Human Skin shader!  Impressive!  Out of my league, but impressive!

Check out ”Adventures in HLSL pixel shaders” here

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