January 27th, 2007 by Sharky

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As promised I’ve uploaded the working sample solution that I will explain later in Part 2 of the tutorial…coming soon!

I’ve also added a Tutorials section on the site so it should be easy enough to navigate.

Enough talk… go get the source

If anyone finds a solution to the one small hack in my solution, please let me know!

Update: I forgot to mention the sample’s controls & that there is a Mouse moveable black Cursor that goes White when colliding. The controls are…

  • Pitch model: XBOX 360 Left Thumbstick Forward/Backwards or Keyboard W/S
  • Roll model: XBOX 360 Left Thumbstick Left/Right or Keyboard A/D
  • Yaw model: XBOX 360 Right Thumbstick Left/Right or Keyboard Q/E
  • Scale model: XBOX 360 Left/Right Trigger or Keyboard LeftShift/LeftCtrl
  • Move 3D cursor: Mouse
  • Move 3D cursor forward/backwards: Mouse Scrollwheel Forwards/Backwards
  • Screenshot and XML Dump (put in \Screenshots sub directory): Keyboard PrintScrn

Note: my Mouse code is very rushed and obviously not quite right yet.  Suggestions welcome. ;)

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