September 17th, 2007 by Sharky

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Hi folks.

I’ve been enjoying some productive coding sessions on “Air Legends” lately.  No one big feature in particular, but a lot of little tidy ups and improvements. So far, the next release will have:

  • All models now produced and exported straight out of the new Softimage|XSI Mod Tool. No other tools necessary!  :P
  • improved the Skybox.  Horrid seems are gone.  I’ve pulled out some photoshop magic to make the  Textures tile nicely, and the box (well cylinder) now has a ceiling, so I don’t have to avoid certain camera angles like before.
  • Guns can now overheat, so controlled bursts recommended.   No more bleeding ears from trigger happy kids.  ;)
  • Thanks to the skybox improvements, your aircraft should no longer leave the screen occasionally.  Well maybe very briefly during some maneuvers, but good enough for now.
  • …more to come… maybe Menus, 3D sound…

On another note, CrazySheep has asked me about how to create a Windows Installer.  Good idea, so I plan to blog a wee article/tutorial + sample about my “Air Legends” installer.  (If I blog about it now, I’ll be forced to actually do it!).

Before I do that I plan to update my installer from WiX v2 to WiX v3, and do a couple of improvements on the way.

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  1. FD Says:

    Hey sharky!

    from what i’ve seen of “air legends”, it just amazing what u have done ;) right now i’m just wondering what the name of the original game was… i’m not sure but i think u got ur ideas from a this classic game. do u know?

    thx 4 help and continue your work (and i hope i see air legends someday in the xbox live arcade list or smthg ;) )

    mfg fd

  2. Sharky Says:

    Thanks so much for the nice comments FD.

    I actually had the concept of this game about 25 years ago, and initially did a 2D sprite based version on a SpectraVideo SV-318 with it’s BASIC language.

    I was inspired by the old arcade game TimePilot. I liked the gameplay, but felt a side on view would be more fun (instead of top down). A side view would suit gameplay features like landing to rearm/refuel etc…

    That’s where I’m heading with Air Legends. Still lot’s to do & learn! I’m stoked with how the game looks right now, which makes doing an acceptable ground/terrain all the more difficult. It could ruin the whole look of the game, but I will need to start simple.

    I’ve had comments from people likening it to another game (on the Amiga I think?) but I don’t remember the name. Never seen it either, so similarity is purely coincidental.

    I’d love to see Air Legends on an XBOX. If only I owned one!!!


  3. Lance Zimmerman Says:

    Hey, I would have liked to see this tutor you were going to make a few years ago. Are you still going to make it, or was it not done? Is it some where else? I’m trying to figure it out, while I’m still making my game.

  4. Sharky Says:

    Hehe. Oops, I really should stop making promises and predictions on my blog. :)
    Never enough time in the day, aye.

    Hopefully this helps…

    (I’ve not tried it, but could be exactly what you’re after)

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