April 14th, 2008 by Sharky

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I’ve uploaded yet another preview build. That’s 3 now – must be some kind of record.

This one features:

  • selectable team sizes. From 1 vs 1 to 5 vs 5
  • improved Lobby screen
  • reduced bullet range so the enemy AI can no longer shoot you from well outside the screen where you can’t even see them
  • new Team score HUD partly complete
  • survivability improved (even in a 5 vs 5 dogfight)

Known issues with this build:

  • Computer team name “Neutral” is wrong. Should be Allies or Axis
  • Scoring not completed. Doesn’t reward/penalize mid-air collisions.
  • epic battles are now possible but a little to hard to complete the kill. Usually ends up in a collison
  • funky new camera stuff occasionally lets your own plane disappear from view briefly
  • I get random mystery crashes on the XBOX 360 version. I’m not sure why yet, but try again 2, maybe 3 times and you’ll start getting a trouble free game. Bizarre. I would love to hear if anyone else is experiencing this on the 360?

Once again, this is a sneak peak release showing off my newest features as I polish them. My old, comparitively boring, release is still available here.

Try preview #3 here

You can download it directly with the following links…

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  1. Ziggy Says:

    I found a crash in the game in the Windows version where shortly after you collide with a ship and die it errors some times. It seems to happen after horsing around button mashing for about a minute. :)

  2. Sharky Says:

    Yeah. That’s one reason it’s still a “preview” release. hehe.

    With all the extra planes flying around now, I need to look at memory usage. I think all the extra particles (smoke, explosions, bullets etc…) might be consuming too much memory after playing for a bit. Get’s garbage collected, but sometimes not soon enough.

    That’s my guess anyway.

    On the 360 I get similar symptoms. Play for 5 minutes and eventually it crashes – sometimes.

  3. Philippe Da Silva Says:

    Hi Sharky,

    I installed the preview and I get a crash whatever options I select when I start a round.
    Unfortunatelly, I have no idea how I can help you debugging this windows installation as I have no logs written.
    If you want your readers to help you out, maybe you could just add some try…catch with a TraceListener attached to a file output so that we can at least send you over some exception information?



  4. Sharky Says:

    Thanks for the feedback Philippe. I agree, logging would certainly help and I’ll see what I can do.

    I am surprised you’re getting a crash so quickly with the Windows version though. The only crashes I’ve been getting are with the XBOX 360 version and I’ve been looking into that.
    Or if I play for ages I can make the windows version run out of memory (I fixed that last night, not released yet though)

    Have any of my previous builds worked for you?

    Sounds like you got past the menus, so I’m guessing you must have all the prerequisite stuff installed and updated…
    - XNA 2.0
    - and have you done a recent WebUpdate for DirectX? (I’d do this anytime a new XNA comes out)
    - .NET Framework 2.0

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