Dad’s Army

August 17th, 2006 by Sharky

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PC Gaming’s a huge passion of mine, but as a dad, husband and IT professional it’s hard to be any more than a part-timer compared to the hoards of “l33t” teenage masses I play online against. It’s a similar story for my other buddies that I always try to team up with. That tends to only happen one night a week, when we devote ourselves to the greater cause that is team =NAD=.

=NAD= squad tops the table!

So it’s a rare & welcome pleasure when we pull one off against the masses and top the table so clearly!

(Ok, so our scores aren’t THAT amazing, but we still kicked arse, both individually and as a squad!)

Take a bow squad =NAD=, take a bow!

2 Responses to “Dad’s Army”

  1. Martin (AKA NadNailer) Says:

    It was a great round, BUT, it was better than the screenie suggests. If you look at the ticket count in the top right hand of the screen, you can see that the game wasn’t even over. As I recall, SaltedMirken and SharkBiscuit ended up 1 and 2 for the round, and with greater scores than what you can see. =NAD= is growing, before long we’ll be able to enter competitions. Watch out!

  2. Sharky Says:

    indeed! Plus we have NadNailer’s secret Weapon Of Mass Humiliation – which I think should remain nameless in this blog. ;)

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