April 29th, 2009 by Sharky

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Hi all.

Many people visit this blog for my 3D model collision detection tutorial. It’s nice to know it’s still in demand!
I did it way back in the XNA v1.0 days (I think), so people are possibly having a bit of grief getting it working with XNA 2.0 & now 3.0.

So, I’ve finally updated the sample to work with XNA 3.0, and improved it considerably.

Head over here to get the updated sample.

IMPORTANT: The actual tutorials have not been updated to reflect this XNA v3.0 version and refactoring.

The main sample changes are these:

  • updated for XNA v3.0
  • refactored to make it easier to include your own models and textures
  • refactored so that the subdividing info is now contained in handy XML files
Plane in BoundingBox
Plane in BoundingBox

Working Sample

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