October 11th, 2006 by Sharky

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I’ve been asked in a blog comment whether I’m giving out the source.

I’m afraid,   no, sorry.   :(

Y’see, this is kind of a personal project and learning exercise for me. I first coded this exact game idea when I was 13 (that’s 23 years ago) in BASIC, but performance got rotten on those ancient “Home Computers”. And it certainly wasn’t 3D.

Now I’m much more capable and having another go…for fun.    ;)

I’m am certainly happy to share snippets and attempt to answer questions though!!!

Any special requests?

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  1. BlackICE Says:

    Your game looks really cool, I was wondering if it was possible to either turn of multisampling, or add it as one of your options in your xml file, so people like me with lame laptop graphics cards can give it a spin.

  2. Sharky Says:

    Ok, good idea BlackICE. I’ll do that. Now to find out how…

    My XML file … LOL … you’ll see it’s still full of the Spacewars sample stuff. Must clean that up. ;)

    Thanks for the feedback.

  3. XNAtutorial.com » Weekly Update Says:

    [...] Lawrence is working on porting his code to XNA, and has . He might not share his source, but he is asking if you want to know anything in particular, as he shares code snippets. (Game Zip) (Screenshot) [...]

  4. Omegaman Says:

    I was wondering what file format you were using for your models and if you could share some of your mesh code and the shader you used. If you don’t want to share that maybe what tutorials you looked at to get your models into the game and why you used that specific one.

  5. Sharky Says:

    Hi there.

    I’m currently using the SWM mesh format & loading code straight out of the Spacewars sample.

    My shader for the planes is actually based another piece of Spacewars. I think it was called Ship.fx.

    I will blog with my fx file soon. Not right now though. It’s late here, and I’m exhausted from playing BF2142. :)

  6. Omegaman Says:

    Thanks for sharing the info. Keep up the good work!

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